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Building a space or place that is accessible to all potential customers and staff, saving money over time, and future-proofing your build for future needs and users just makes good business sense!

We have over 10 years’ experience in the industry, and have accessibility experts who can work with you at any stage of your project.  

Building for Accessibility from the start

Access for All

25% of New Zealanders have access needs right now (research suggests this is higher for millennials), and 50% of baby boomers have at least one access need. This statistic doesn’t even take into consideration those with temporary access needs, and customers with pushchairs and small children, who also benefit from accessible environments.

By building with accessibility in mind you’re ensuring that 100% of potential customers and staff are welcomed into your space.

Saving Money

A common misconception is that planning for accessibility is an added, unnecessary expense. However, as the built environment takes a long time to develop and construct it is actually retrofitting that is more costly.

That’s why it is so important to get it right from the beginning- by building for accessibility from the outset you’ll save money over time.

Future-Proofing your build

Future-proofing means taking into consideration the needs of your users now, and in the future. It means ensuring that your building is adaptable when (not if) your users’ needs change. It means ensuring your build is fit for purpose over the lifetime of the users and the lifetime of the building.

Remember that accessibility is about everyone- 1 in 4 New Zealanders have an access need, and at some stage in our lives we all will. Temporary access needs or permanent, ensuring your building is ready to adapt now, rather than retrofitting when the time comes, just makes sense.

Our Team is here to help

Our team of experts understand access considerations across all industries, spaces and sectors and have in-depth knowledge of minimum standards, and best practice in accessible design. Our approach is informed by universal design, inclusive design and human-centred design, to help you ensure that you fully understand your customers and staffs’ needs.


Accessibility Project Managers- The best place to start embedding accessibility is before any planning has begun. We can lead your project to ensure that accessibility is considered every step of the way.  


Design Plan Consultants-If you’ve already started a project, and wish to ensure your plans include accessibility considerations, we have design plan experts who can review your plans. Our consultants are familiar with minimum standards in relation to accessible design, and also have the latest research and information to achieve optimal practice accessibility.


Accessibility Strategy Experts-Accessibility is good for your business- especially if you position yourself as a leader in the space.  Our experienced facilitators can work with your leadership team to explore how accessibility can inform your business strategy and add value to strategic outcomes, and why accessibility should guide this project, and all projects in the future.


By engaging with us to consult on accessibility from the very beginning of your project you will position your business as one that demonstrates:

·       Accessibility Optimal Practice

·       Universal Design

·       Accessibility Leadership


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The Be. Lab One-Stop-Shop can support you with your accessibility needs at any stage of your journey.

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