Be. Leadership August 2020 Blog 1

A blog from one of our 2020 Participants, Karley Parker

2020 Be. Leadership Participant Karley Parker smiles and looks off camera.

Kia ora and welcome to the Be Leadership blog. it is my pleasure to write this month’s blog alongside the wonderful Nat.


For this session, we had planned to come together in Auckland at the Centre of Possibility! Alas, this did not come to fruition and the world had other ideas. So, we did the next best thing - we came together on Zoom. 


This is a perfect example of coming together within a community and demonstrating resilience (our topic last month) and adapting to new ways of connecting, participating and thriving within a community group. Our topic this month focused on global leadership and global citizenship.


We had two amazing people speak with us. Rod Oram - a columnist and radio broadcaster and an activist on sustainability. Our second speaker was André Lovatt - who has over 20 years’ experience of delivering major infrastructure projects and currently leads Auckland Airport’s infrastructure development and delivery team. 


Both Rod and André shared their perspective on global citizenship, leadership and their strategies to move forward during these uncertain times with poise, intelligence and sustainability. Rod and André reflected the absolute necessity of knowing your basic needs are met and the ability to identify what drives you, such as discovering our own values, beliefs and opinions.


It is now the perfect time to emerge from unsustainable mindsets within ourselves as citizens and create new ways of living that will drive us forward and to constantly ask ourselves, "Are we in the right place? Are we doing the right thing?"


We also had a workshop on critical thinking. For me, this was the best part! We all need clear information that can enable us to form unambiguous opinions. We discussed that the information we receive/investigate further is driven by what we want to take in; this is driven by our own worldviews, values, and beliefs.  Having the ability to step back and critically think about an issue is a phenomenal skill to develop. This is something I have been working on and it has enabled me to become more intentional and authentic within my own decisions, thinking, and actions. 


Thank you to the phenomenal Be. Team - this programme is truly work for the soul. It is an absolute honour to be on the programme at such a transformative time for myself, communities, societies, and the world at large.


Take care and be kind to yourself and those around you during this new way of life. 


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