10 Ways to An Accessible Christmas

Our team have put together our top tips for ensuring a Christmas that is accessible for all.

1. Some people can’t read small writing, so make sure you write your Christmas cards in large, clear, bold lettering.

2. Don’t use too much tape on your presents when gift wrapping, in consideration of family members or friends with limited dexterity.

3. Christmas can be a busy and cluttered time, so make sure entranceways remain clear to avoid accidents with over-excited kids or older relatives with mobility aids. 

4. Learn a few seasonal greetings in New Zealand's third official language, NZSL! How do you say "Merry Christmas"or "Happy New Year"?

5. Even better, set a New Year's Resolution to take up an NZSL class!

6. When visiting your favourite cafe for coffee after the Christmas rush, consider how accessible it is. Try viewing the world through a lens of accessibility and see how your perception changes!


7. If you own a business, use the break to take our free online accessibility assessment and figure out just how accessible your business is.


8. Check out some of New Zealand’s most accessible spaces and places. Over on our blog you’ll find information about accessible attractions, parks, regional parks and retail facilities. 


9. If you’re out and about and you find a really great accessible space, place or experience please share it with us. We’ll share it on our social media so that others can experience it too!


10. And finally, don't forget Santa has access needs too! A clear rooftop to park the sleigh, a nice wide chimney and of course some milk and cookies to keep him going...

Wishing you a merry and accessible Christmas and Summer break from Team Be. Lab.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about how we can support your journey to greater accessibility. Email info@belab.co.nz and we'll get back in touch in the new year.




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