Minnie Baragwanath's interview on RNZ, March 2021

Listen to this excellent interview with Be. Lab founder Minnie b. as she discusses the importance of reframing disability, and the social and economic opportunities and possibilities for New Zealand if we do.

Minnie Baragwanath smiles at the camera. A pink banner reads "Be. Lab" and "RNZ".

Listen here to Susie Ferguson's interview with Minnie Baragwanath on Radio New Zealand on Saturday 20th March 2021.

Minnie speaks about the impetus for founding Be. Accessible (now Be. Lab) in 2011, and for founding the Global Centre of Possibility (GCOP) @ AUT in 2020.

She discusses her the role at the GCOP, and the importance of creating space for innovating solutions to advance accessibility that are fit for the 21st Century, and ensuring that access citizens are at the heart of this process.

She considers that what is currently holding New Zealand back is limiting beliefs about disability, and challenges listeners to reframe disability in terms of opportunity, and possibility for the future.

The RNZ news item here contains a partial transcript of the interview.



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