The entrepreneur pushing for access for all

Minnie speaks to NBR about how we should be using the Covid-19 crisis to ensure society is rebuilt with greater accessibility for all in mind.

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‘Don’t make us the vulnerable and the needy’

"I totally get that the government had to move really fast … but I don’t think we’ve got it right for access citizens right now. As we move into level 3, we need to reset, look at what we could be doing differently, talk to the access community, find out what’s worked, what hasn’t.”

The government in particular must keep accessibility front and centre. Take the shovel-ready projects poised to stimulate the economy: “there is no excuse for those construction projects to be anything less than 100% accessible,” says Baragwanath.

Her challenge for the food sector is more immediate: “Contact us and say, how could we ensure that good food is actually getting to the people who need it.”

Engage with us in the recovery process, she says, “but don’t make us the vulnerable and needy, don’t keep reinforcing that”.

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