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Claudia Boyles -Wellington


I'm a woman, a loving partner, an animal lover. I'm an American and an Australian, a diligent worker, a traveler, and an immigrant. I'm a film enthusiast, a swimmer and a cyclist. I'm a paraplegic.

New Zealand, like most of the world, is challenged by the rapid emergence of a diverging path. In one direction, we become more polarised, the advantage gap increases, and people become more isolated and less connected. If we choose the alternative direction, we become more connected, the gaps between us shrink and our differences are less polarised and more often celebrated. I choose the second path, and my contribution to New Zealand will be my courage to use every resource available to me to bend the arc toward equity.

I am passionate about remaking the world to celebrate its remarkable and boundless diversity. Be. Leadership is a path to harnessing my passion and strengthening my voice.


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