Our Story

When we launched Be. Accessible in 2011 to change the way Kiwis view disability, we chose to form a social change agency because of our belief in the power of innovation to drive social transformation. And this has shaped our entire organisation and approach over the last 8 years.

"Our aim is for New Zealand to become the centre of access innovation, of accessible design and of accessible products and services in the world."

We have been constantly and continuously innovating.

We have developed brand new programs and solutions to meet the evolving needs of the community, business and the public sectors. We have reframed and redefined the way accessibility issues are thought about and discussed. We have designed contemporary access solutions fit for the modern world.  

At every turn, the team at Be., and our partners, have refused to accept the status quo and found new and better ways to shift New Zealand along what we call the Be.spectrum.

Our Be. Spectrum represents the transition from the deficit-based view of people with access needs as having a disability, reframing that to understanding the concept of accessibility, and finally shifting to understanding the value and possibility these members of our community present. It’s through this lens of possibility that we view the world.

We know, based on extensive research, experience and partnership with leading organisations, that every person has something incredible to offer, and our society will be significantly better off when we can all share in it.

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At every turn, the team at Be., and our partners, have refused to accept the status quo and found new and better ways to shift New Zealand along what we call the Be. spectrum. 

Becoming the Be. Lab

Over the eight years since Be. launched, disability deficit has been replaced by accessibility innovation. Now we are focusing on shifting the conversation again, even further down the spectrum. We are moving towards the powerful, transformative, and future-focused concept of possibility. 

Evolving Be. Accessible to become Be. Lab acknowledges our deep rooted, innovative approach to systems change that meets the changing needs of individuals, communities, businesses and organisations here in New Zealand and all over the world. 

The world is changing rapidly. New technologies and global trends around social and environmental values are allowing us to question what we want our future world, and our future society, to look like. This means the time is right for our focus to shift to the emergent future, and the needs, opportunities and possibilities it brings. 

The Be. Lab is New Zealand’s globally networked centre for access innovation in the 21st century.  

We work with leaders, visionaries, thinkers and makers to take on the challenges and opportunities that this environment presents and continue to break new ground and uncover new possibilities for access innovation. 

Together we will create the conditions in Aotearoa for access innovation to flourish and to be the centre of courageous design innovation that ensures our future world is truly inclusive and accessible to all its citizens.

We hope you’ll join us.

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