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Access citizens are an untapped talent pool of people that already have the skills that workplaces in the 21st century need – and leading employers are recognising this.  

Research shows that access citizens have to be creative to adapt to the world around them, developing skills such as problem-solving, agility, persistence, forethought and a willingness to experiment – all of which are essential for innovation and forward-thinking workplaces.

Accessible Employment Programme


Be. Lab’s Accessible Employment Programme connects talented access citizens with outstanding permanent employment opportunities with leading employers throughout New Zealand.

Our team work closely with all our candidates to create a unique programme of professional development to ensure that they are workplace ready. We also match each candidate with an external mentor to ensure success.

Are you an employer or mentor?

If you are looking to fill job opportunities with talented candidates, or if you're interested in being a mentor, get in touch with us to play an important part in creating successful, diverse and inclusive workplaces of the future. 

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"Be. Lab did an excellent job of vetting candidates, accurately matching their skillset, and thoroughly preparing both the candidate and our firm to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for both.

The level of service is as good, and in some respects exceeds, any other professional recruiter we have worked with."

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