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About Us

Be. Lab (formerly known as Be. Accessible) was founded in 2011 by Minnie Baragwanath.

Our vision is for New Zealand to become the most accessible nation in the world and we invite you to join us in making this a reality.

We deliver innovative and creative social change programmes to support businesses and communities to become fully accessible, enabling all citizens to participate and thrive.

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Our vision is for New Zealand to become the most accessible nation in the world.

For businesses

Be. Lab is a one-stop shop for all New Zealand businesses and organisations to support you on your accessibility journey.

No matter the size or nature of your business or organisation, we offer a range of free tools and resources, as well as bespoke consultancy to help you achieve greater accessibility.

Get started with our Be. Starter Package, access our free business toolkit, or find out more about our one stop shop services.

The One-Stop Shop

Be. Lab is here to support all New Zealand businesses and organisations on their journey towards becoming 100% accessible.

Our Services

Talent & Employment

We support leading employers across New Zealand to find and hire diverse, talented staff and ensure that their workplaces are as accessible as possible to all people

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Be. Starter Package

Designed for small organisations, to give you a snapshot of the accessibility of your organisation, to enable you and your team to reflect on current practices and take action.

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Why accessibility?

Right now, around 1 million New Zealanders have an access need, a number which is increasing every day with our rapidly ageing population.

This could include someone with a physical impairment, vision or hearing loss, a learning impairment, a short-term injury or an age-related impairment.

However to date, many organisations, spaces, places and events have not been designed with access citizens in mind and as a result, 1 in 4 people are prevented from engaging properly in the world around them. This also means that society as a whole is missing out on a whole range of benefits that access citizens and true accessibility brings to the community.

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Latest News

How to write an accessibility page

Online information increases confidence with everyone, though people with access needs often need it to plan their trips in advance. Providing access information is a great way to welcome your guests and make them feel valued.
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Take action this Global Accessibility Awareness Day

This Global Accessibility Awareness Day we asked our coaches, “what’s something simple businesses can do right away to get the biggest impact?” Here’s what they said!
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Opinion Piece: Autism Acceptance Month

Our Marketing and Communications Assistant, Sea, shares their thoughts on Autism Acceptance Month and provides some tips for businesses to turn awareness into action.
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For Access Citizens

Every person in society has something incredible to offer and deserves the opportunity to demonstrate this and thrive.

Be. Lab delivers transformative programmes for access citizens in the areas of employment and leadership – providing opportunities for development and creating the conditions in which participants can flourish.


NZSL Translation: Coming Soon

We are currently working with Deafradio to provide an updated NZSL translation of the website and this will be available soon.

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