Why Accessibility

The social and economic benefits of accessibility are key to building successful businesses and communities in the 21st century and beyond.

"If we aren't designing access in, then we are designing it out."

Better businesses

An accessible workplace culture has been proven to be good for the bottom line and attracts better talent.

  • An Accenture study in 2018 revealed that “the most inclusive working environments for disabled employees achieved an average of 28% higher revenues, 30% greater economic profit margins, and twice the net income of their industry peers between 2015 and 2018.”
  • 72% of surveyed workers in a Deloitte study said that they would, or may consider, leaving an organisation for one they think is more inclusive.
  • The Centre of Talent Innovation found that 30% of Millennial professionals have access needs, however lack of accessibility in workplace culture was creating “an enormous waste of innovation potential.”

The access economy

Businesses and societies that are open to all are able to tap into the “access dollar” – an increasingly large market opportunity.

  • With an estimated population of 1.85 billion, access customers constitute an emerging larger than that of China.
  • Globally, the access market controls over $13 trillion in annual disposable income.
  • Baby boomers – who are developing access needs as they age – are the wealthiest generation in history and are spending more on consumer goods and leisure activities than any other generation.

Enabling innovation

Businesses which embrace accessibility are more likely to be innovative, forward-thinking organisations.

  • Microsoft’s Inclusive Tech Lab, launched in 2016, has produced a number of leading technological innovations that benefit all people including the highly acclaimed Xbox Adaptive Controller and the ‘Seeing AI’ app which sees and narrates the world around you.

Stronger Communities

By making our society open to all, we benefit from the contributions of all individuals.

  • Accessibility creates a more welcoming, inclusive atmosphere encouraging participation from all citizens.
  • Greater access equals greater independence and opportunities to thrive.
  • Access citizens are creative problem-solvers due to having to navigate many challenges in their day to day life - and this approach to leadership and community development is an invaluable skill that must be harnessed.


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