Accessibility at Be. Lab

Our mission is for Aotearoa to become the most accessible nation in the world...

The name Be. was carefully chosen as we want Aotearoa to become the best place to "be" for all people.

It’s really important to us that you have a great, accessible experience with our website, collateral, services, office and team - and if you don’t we really want to hear about it.

If you have anything you’d like to share about your experience, please e-mail us at

Our Website

We have developed our website with accessibility in mind, and have a regular process for reviewing, refining and adapting the content and structure of the site to strengthen its usability and functionality.

We’re aware that there are a few accessibility issues with our site, and we are currently working with our partners in digital accessibility Access Advisors to gain a full understanding of the scope of these issues and to make a plan to fix them.

If there’s anything you come across that doesn’t work the way it should please e-mail to let us know.

We’re also very happy to provide any of the information from our site in e-mail format.

Our Office

Visits to our office are by appointment only. Once you have booked an appointment you will receive access information to help you prepare for your visit including:

  • Nearby parking options (including accessible parking spots) and drop off zones
  • Public transport stops and routes
  • Directions (with images and descriptive text) into the building, and from the elevator to the office
  • Accessible toilet location
  • Contact information to arrange additional help

Our office is open-plan, and laid out on a smooth, level floor. Our team can assist with navigating the space if required.

Our Programmes and Events

We remain committed to making our programmes and events as accessible as possible by:

  • Providing information in advance on accessible transport, parking and wayfinding
  • Providing our content in a range of formats (eg. Large print, HTML)


We ask our guests and visitors for information about their specific needs in advance, which may include the following:

  • NZSL or other interpretation services
  • Assistive hearing technology
  • Regular breaks, quiet spaces or low sensory options

We also encourage participant feedback afterwards.

The language we use

Here at Be. Lab we have traditionally used the language of access needs, because it broadens the conversation of who accessibility is for. 

“Access needs” is not intended to replace other language that is important to the community. 

Some of our community identify as “disabled”, others as “a person with a disability”. Others prefer language relating to their specific needs and some prefer the term “access needs”. The disabled and access community is diverse, with diverse views on language and within the community there is no consensus on language. 

In acknowledgement of this, in our own communications we use multiple terms- e.g. people with “disabilities and access needs”, and “members of the disabled and access community” to be as inclusive as possible. 

We welcome your feedback

Our accessibility journey is ongoing, and we are committed to adapting our approach to make our website, services, environments and offerings as accessible as possible. We understand that we won’t always get everything right, and we appreciate and will consider any feedback that we receive.

You can e-mail , fill in our Contact Form, or call us on (09) 309 8966 to share your thoughts, ideas or feedback.

(We are familiar with the NZ Relay service and can set up a call via NZ Relay or Zoom if you prefer.)



+64 9 309 8966
The Be. Lab Office
Suite 204
Level 2
48 Greys Avenue
Auckland Central
Auckland 1010
(Visits by appointment only)

Please e-mail for details.