Reimagining and rebuilding a career in tech

Many of us are likely to develop access needs due to unforeseen health setbacks at some point in our lives, and while this can cause a knock to our self-confidence in the short term, with the right support and opportunity, we can reimagine what we are capable of and rebuild new and wonderful professional career pathways. Read Duncan’s story to learn more about how he worked with Be. Lab’s Talent Shop to rediscover his strengths and pursue a career that is more fulfilling than ever.
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Microsoft launch employability programme for access citizens with Be. Lab and local tech partners

The first of its kind, the Microsoft Enabler Program combines cloud & AI training with Be. Lab's employment programme for access citizens as well as accessibility education for employer partners, Datacom, DXC Technology and HCL Technologies.
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Access 2020 Report: Accessibility in New Zealand today

How businesses, organisations, spaces, places and events can be more accessible to the 1 in 4 Kiwis living with a disability or access need.
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Be. Leadership alumnus Arash Tayebi awarded $30,000 Possibility Fund grant

Arash Tayebi has become the first person to receive a grant from the newly launched Possibility Fund, set up by Be. Lab founder Minnie Baragwanath in partnership with Perpetual Guardian to support access innovation and entrepreneurship in New Zealand.
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News Roundup - August 2020

Be. Lab’s roundup of the best accessibility news from across the web. Including Auckland’s new wheelchair access guidelines and solutions to help businesses ensure greater digital accessibility.
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Opinion: Spare a thought for those locked out of digital world

How many of us would be prepared to wait 25 years to get our computer fixed? For a largely silent underclass in our society, being stuck with inoperable or insufficient technology for their needs is a shocking reality.
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Access employees key to business resilience

In this op-ed for Management Magazine, we highlight why access employees are key to business resilience in the 21st Century.
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Minnie speaks about digital accessibility on Radio NZ

Minnie speaks to RNZ about how access citizens are being shut out of the digital revolution.
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The entrepreneur pushing for access for all

Minnie speaks to NBR about how we should be using the Covid-19 crisis to ensure society is rebuilt with greater accessibility for all in mind.
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