Free Digital Accessibility Downloads

We've put together some free resources on how to be accessible online, specially tailored for those who are starting out or don't have any specialist knowledge. Start your digital accessibility journey today.
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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022 with Digital Boost

We’re delighted to be teaming up with Digital Boost to spread awareness about the importance of digital accessibility, for Global Accessibility Awareness Day on 19th May
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10 ways to make your practice more accessible

Originally written for New Zealand Optics Magazine, this blog provides great accessibility advice for healthcare and service providers.
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The business case for accessible tourism

Accessible tourism is a huge business opportunity for New Zealand, but most businesses in the sector are not yet tapping into this potential market.
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Let's Build Back Accessible!

Prioritising accessibility now will enable better social and economic outcomes for all into the future.
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Why an accessible practice is good practice

Accessibility is about ensuring that your customers feel welcomed into your business and have a great experience. But embracing it will also make your goods and services available to a new market, expand your customer base and grow your business.
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The Be. Team Celebrates Accessibility in 2021

Our team looks back at the year that has been, and celebrates something that has inspired them in 2021.
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10 Ways to An Accessible Christmas

Our team have put together our top tips for ensuring a Christmas that is accessible for all.
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Kiwi Property: Accessibility Wins Throughout New Zealand

We’re delighted to share more about Kiwi Property’s accessibility journey, as they commit to continuously improving accessibility across all their retail facilities. In this blog, we celebrate access improvements at Te Awa at the Base and the Plaza.
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