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Be. Lab is New Zealand’s One-Stop Shop for Accessibility services. We are here to support all New Zealand businesses and organisations on their journey towards becoming 100% accessible.

Our Offerings

At Be. Lab we recognise that every business is different. Businesses large and small can start their accessibility journey through engaging with any of Be. Lab's services.

We meet businesses where they are, and work with you to develop a unique strategy plan that works for your business.

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Leadership & Culture

We offer programmes to enhance your business strategy and build your team's confidence in creating environments for accessibility to flourish.

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On-Site Assessment

We have 10 year’s experience providing in-depth accessibility reviews, assessing where your organisation is doing well, and making expert recommendations for improvement.  

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Talent & Employment

We support leading employers across New Zealand to find and hire diverse, talented staff and ensure that their workplaces are as accessible as possible to all people.

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Event Planning

With more than 10 years’ experience working with major events, we have the expertise to ensure all aspects of your event are accessible and welcoming to all. 

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Design Planning

We provide specialist advice that is forward thinking and optimises your design, ensuring that accessibility and universal design is not just considered but designed in. 

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Digital Assessment

We can assess the accessibility of your digital platform using best practise guidelines, and provide expert advice to help you improve usability and functionality.

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Tools and Resources for Business

We know it's tough right now- and we want to ensure that accessibility is more accessible than ever. So we've put together a range of low-cost or free tools and resources to help all New Zealand businesses get started on their accessibility journey today.

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Business Case Studies

Learn about leading New Zealand businesses and organisations that we have worked with on their journey towards becoming 100% accessible.

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Be. Starter Package

Designed for small organisations, to give you a snapshot of the accessibility of your organisation, and to enable you and your team to reflect on current practices and take action.

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Top Tips and Resources

At Be. Lab, we want to make accessibility accessible to all! So we've researched top accessibility tips, to help you get started on your accessibility journey today!

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"Be. Lab’s One-Stop Shop enables organisations all over New Zealand to grow better business through accessibility. We will support you to engage a wider community and capture the spending power of a growing group of consumers."

A team of Accessibility Experts at your fingertips

We understand that for many businesses it’s tough right now. At Be. Lab we want accessibility to be more accessible than ever- and we're here to make it easy for you to start your accessibility journey today.


We have over 10 years’ experience in the industry, and a team of experts ready to work with you to build accessibility into your organizational culture, business strategy, diversity and inclusion, recruitment and employment practices, physical workplace, design plans, events, web and digital domain, signage and wayfinding, and customer engagement strategies.


When you connect with any one of Be. Lab services, you will gain so much more - you will have the expertise and experience of our full team at your fingertips!  Our experienced team have everything you might need today, in 2 years' time, or in 10 years' time. And that’s why we’re New Zealand’s One-Stop-Shop for Accessibility.

Find out how we can be part of your team today.

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Have a specific project in mind?

Be. Lab is experienced at working with teams to ensure a wide range of projects are delivered with accessibility in mind.

If you have a specific project that you need help with, please get in touch with us directly to discuss your needs.

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