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Be. Lab’s free online self-assessment tool helps any business to understand how accessible it is right now and work towards improvements.  

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Who is the assessment for?

Be. Lab’s Accessibility Assessment is suited for any business that is beginning their journey towards becoming more aware of the accessibility requirements of their customers and employees and wanting to promote diversity within their business.

What’s involved in the assessment?

The self-assessment is a 30 minute questionnaire for your organisation and how well it currently caters to people who have access needs. On completion, businesses will receive a report which states what they’re doing well and recommendations for improvement.  

What is meant by access needs?

Access needs are the specific requirements of someone who may have a hearing, vision or physical impairment which impacts on their experience when visiting your business premises, website and engaging with staff.

What are the benefits of the Be. Lab assessment?

Completing the self-assessment will provide awareness of the different aspects of your business that impact on the positive experience of your customers and employees with access needs.

After the assessment, there is an opportunity to have a trained accessibility coach to consult with you online or on-site to provide more in-depth guidance, moving your business towards better accessibility and opening your business to a wider customer and employee base.

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We are honored to collaborate with Be. Accessible and can’t wait to see the impact of their ongoing commitment to empowerment.

Jenny Lay-Flurrie
Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft

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