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Are you actively engaging with access customers and potential talent? Leading organisations recognise the value of accessibility, and invest in the strategic value of creating accessible cultures and environments.  

Over the past 10 years’ working with leading New Zealand businesses we have developed a series of leadership and culture accessibility programmes to enhance your business strategy and to enable leaders at all levels to create environments for accessibility to flourish.

Investing in Accessibility

25% of New Zealanders have access needs right now (research suggests this is higher for Millennials), and by 2060 60% of Baby Boomers will have access needs. In fact, each and every New Zealander will have an access need at some point in their lives.

By investing in accessibility you’re ensuring that 100% of potential customers and staff are welcomed into your organisation. You're also positioning yourself as an employer of choice, and building better business.

We can help you achieve your goals

At Be. Lab we understand that every business is different.

Our team of experts will work with your organisation to custom-design a programme of work to help you achieve your goals.

Accessibility is best achieved when it is built into organisational strategy and practices. Our leadership and culture programmes can ensure you embed accessibility in to your business from the top down.

Our Programmes:


Leading accessibility: The strategic why of accessibility

For executive leaders and managers.

Align accessibility and diversity with strategy, identify and establish why and how designing access into the business adds value to strategic outcomes, and identify the short and long term accessibility goals and benefits.

Creating the Environment for accessibility to flourish

For leaders and managers at all levels of the business.

Creating an accessible environment and teams committed to accessibility is not an additional task – it is about how you conduct your business and/or manage your organisation. In this workshop leaders and managers throughout the organisation will understand the strategic value of accessibility and build confidence and competence around leading edge accessibility practices that are aligned with organisational strategy and accessibility goals.    

Building confidence in new accessibility practices

For all staff

Build confidence around leading edge accessibility practices and understand why and how these practices are aligned with strategy.  This workshop has a focus on ‘how’ to be more accessible and provides coaching and guidance and will enhance staff performance and competence.


To discuss how we can work with your organisation, and to book one of these programmes get in touch with our team today info@belab.co.nz

The Be. Lab One-Stop-Shop can support you with your accessibility needs at any stage of your journey.

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"Among senior management and staff at our various retail centre and properties, there is a shared view about the value and importance of accessibility. We are collectively excited by the challenge of finding practical ways to improve the experience for customers."

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