Be. Lab Talent Story: Tiare and Westpac

Find out how Be. Lab’s Talent Shop supported Tiare with his goal to work in the highly specialised world of cyber-security.

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Meet Tiare

Growing up in Hong Kong and passionate about the environment, Tiare spent his weekends as a child volunteering to plant trees – a refreshing change to the fast-paced city he lived in.

With a desire to study abroad, Tiare moved to New Zealand in 2014. He currently resides in Wellington where he loves exploring the waterfront on wheels thanks to his new-found hobby, inline skating.

Cold calling and door knocking

Tiare has an absolute obsession with problem solving and cyber-security. Cyber-security is an issue he believes is ever-evolving (and is the ultimate problem to solve!). Armed with a degree in Computer Science from Otago University, Tiare began searching for a role that would launch his career in this specialised field. 

Cold calling and door knocking was his approach, an experience Tiare describes as “nerve wracking” to say the least! After months of back-to-back rejections, he began to ask the question, “what would make me more employable?” Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification was the answer. 

Further to this specialist training, Tiare knew he needed corporate experience to get ahead in his chosen career. However, after months of set-backs, his confidence was at an all-time low.

An internship with a difference  

The Disability Support Centre from Otago University recommended Be. Lab’s Talent Shop. Tiare reached out and was soon accepted into our internship programme. 

Our unique service connects access citizens with work experience opportunities in the career of their choice, as well as giving tailored wrap-around support to ensure candidates are workplace ready. With our expertise and professional connections, Tiare was excited at the prospect of finally working in the world of cyber-security. 

“It was a very stress-free process” says Tiare, as he recalls the experience. Compared to other internship programmes he had been part of, he appreciated how personal, warm and friendly the Be. Lab team was.  

The efficiency of the service also stood out to Tiare. It only took two weeks for him to secure an interview for a potential internship at Westpac. Leading up to the interview, our Be. Lab team worked closely with Tiare to prepare. We encouraged him to be open about his visual impairment, a first for Tiare who, in the past, had kept quiet about his access need to potential employers. 

Clearly impressed, Westpac offered Tiare the internship three days later. The paid 12-week internship supported by the Ministry of Social Development led to a full-time position as an Information Security Analyst. 

An expert in the making

According to his manager, Tiare is “articulate and very bright”. Tiare has been thrilled at the professional development opportunities at Westpac and is currently transitioning to the role of Secure Platform Engineer, a position that will further his cyber-security experience. 

Thanks to Be. Lab’s Talent Shop, Tiare is not only on an exciting career path, but he learnt the importance of being open about his access need. This has had a profound impact on his work life:

“I am more willing to be open about my visual impairment in the workplace thanks to Be. Lab. I don’t keep my head down anymore. I would highly recommend Be. Lab’s Talent Shop to access citizens who need support in launching their career. Be. Lab have the connections and expertise to make it happen - even in a specialised field like cyber-security!”

Be. Lab's Talent Shop matches talented individuals with access needs or health conditions to meaningful roles with leading employers across New Zealand.

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