Assisting Golf NZ to achieve their disability strategy

Discover how we collaborated with Golf NZ to create a bespoke online self-assessment tool designed to kick-start the accessibility journey for almost 400 golf clubs nationwide.

A person at a golf course in a standing-up wheelchair swinging a golf club with one arm. There is a mountain range in the background.

Kiwis love golf. In fact, it’s one of the most popular sports in Aotearoa, with over half a million-people playing each year.

Golf is a low-impact sport that can be enjoyed by people of varying ages and abilities. But the governing body of golf in New Zealand, Golf NZ, believes more can be done to make golf accessible to people with disabilities and access needs.  

Their ultimate goal? For golf to be the most inclusive and accessible sport in Aoteoroa New Zealand.  

Systematic change to improve access to golf  

In 2022, Golf NZ launched its new Disability Action Plan following the inaugural New Zealand All Abilities Championship. 

The plan provides direction for Golf NZ to lead systemic change to give people with disabilities more choice and improved access when learning, playing, or competing in golf. 

A key objective of the plan is to provide the golf sector with a range of tools, best practice resources and guidelines to help improve accessibility across all aspects of the sport.  

So, we were thrilled when Golf NZ got in touch to support them on their journey - with our range of ready-made programmes and bespoke solutions, it was right up our alley!  

An efficient and cost-effective solution

With almost 400 golf clubs nationwide and individual onsite assessments not within their budget, our goal was to create an efficient and cost-effective solution to ensure clubs are on the same page when it comes to accessibility.  

The first step involved Be. Coach Angelo Samuels conducting an onsite assessment of Remuera Golf Club, also home to the Golf NZ head office. Using the insights gained from the assessment, the Be. team collaborated with Golf NZ to create a bespoke online self-assessment tool that could be rolled out to golf clubs throughout New Zealand.


A holistic understanding of accessibility

Be. Relationship Manager Emily Steel believes the self-assessment tool is the perfect avenue for golf clubs to kick-start their accessibility journey:

We wanted to provide recommendations tailored to their specific locations and help give golf clubs a holistic understanding of accessibility by seeing their facilities from multiple perspectives”.  

That’s why the tool was designed with both a player and visitor in mind. With many club facilities used for public events such as weddings, it was important to consider accessibility from all angles.  

The assessment takes no more than an hour to complete and covers areas such as website, physical site, customer service and employment practices. And after completing the assessment, golf clubs are encouraged to book a one-on-one session with a Be. Coach to discuss how to implement their individual recommendations.

The future of golf in Aoteoroa

The Disability Action Plan and self-assessment tool demonstrates Golf NZ's commitment to improving access to golf in New Zealand. Thanks to their forward-thinking approach, more people will enjoy playing or competing in golf than ever before - and with improved access to club facilities, the wider community will benefit too.  

Great work Golf NZ, we’re excited about the future of golf in Aoteoroa! We look forward to continuing to work with you on your accessibility journey.

“We are excited to share this online tool for all golf clubs and facilities in New Zealand. Be Lab’s expertise in accessibility provides golf clubs the opportunity to reflect on their current practices and the guidance to act to becoming fully accessible facilities.”

- Thiem Nguyen, Golf New Zealand’s General Manager of Golf Development

Do you need a cost-effective solution to make your business more accessible?  

For businesses, organisations and other sports with multiple locations, the Be. Starter tailored self-assessment tool is a game changer!  

Designed to make accessibility accessible to all businesses, no matter your size or budget, our online assessment tool will help you understand your current state of accessibility across a range of areas, including your website, physical site, customer service and employment practices.  

It provides simple steps you can take straight away for little to no cost that will make an enormous difference to your customers.

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