News Roundup - August 2020

Be. Lab’s roundup of the best accessibility news from across the web. Including Auckland’s new wheelchair access guidelines and solutions to help businesses ensure greater digital accessibility.

Auckland Council agency to build apartments trialling new wheelchair access rules

Apartments built with wheelchair accessibility in mind will adhere to a new set of guidelines that could be applied to all local government housing developments in the future.

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How do we get all Kiwis access to the internet?

Who are the designers, IT engineers and leaders who are innovating to make access citizens part of the new workforce and economy and creating a brand-new emergent industry?

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How to Build an Accessibility-First Design Culture

When it comes to digital experiences, every one of us can recount a frustrating interaction with a website or app. For the 61 million American adults with disabilities, lack of website accessibility can transform a frustrating experience to one that inhibits essential activities such as working, shopping and socializing.

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Ensuring digital accessibility is part of the retail journey

With more people than ever before now relying on digital retail in the “new normal” of the post-covid-19 world, retailers must now ask an important question of themselves: Is my digital retail offer accessible in the new normal, both in the physical and virtual sense?

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